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EVENT: Open Day Take-Over

by on June 11, 2013

EVENT: Open Day Take-Over

Thursday 12:30pm Fraser Building, University Avenue

Students, Alumni, Prospective Students, Graduates, Graduands, and staff welcome, along with anyone who’s had enough of sexism.

On Thursday June 6th it was reported in the Herald that the men accused of sexist abuse at the Ancients Debating Championship had been cleared by the Senate. (See

It was reported that the men were told there was “no case to answer”. The women making the widely publicised allegations were not present, nor were statements from those unable to be present accepted as evidence.

It is clear this hearing was overwhelmingly biased in favour of the defendants.

But we are not letting it rest here! We are sick of institutionalised sexism, and sick of the University’s lack of committment to ending gender-based discrimination. 

On Thursday 13th, the University is hosting its open day, so that prospective students can come along and see what a wonderful institution GU is.

On Thursday 13th, we will be protesting so that prospective students can see what GU is really like, and to show the the university that if they wish to continue to attract students, they need to sort out their policies that consistently do a disservice to women.



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