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GUU Constitution – ‘Only because we have to!’

by on March 12, 2013

We have had reassurance from the GUU that those responsible for the atrocious behaviours at the Ancients’ will be dealt with in accordance with the GUU constitution.

Article XVIII (1) raises an interesting question, however.
The Latin phrase “mutatis mutandis”  literally translates as “the things that should have been changed having been changed” and of course its inclusion in the constitution is clearly a representation that what applies to men in the GUU also applies to women.

However, in this day and age of Ctrl+F, etc, why has the constitution not been updated to include women in its main text? Why are women still only covered by this afterthought? On page 39 of 38, no less.

And why are men referred to as “men” and women as “ladies”?


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  1. ‘ladies’ is a word which contains a lot of meaning. It doesn’t refer to sex or gender but to a male ideal of what women should be. I’m shocked that no-one flagged that up before it went to press. Well, I would be. If it weren’t the GUU.

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