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And a bit of bad press…

by on March 7, 2013

The Spectator 

If Cambridge ‘debaters’ cannot be exposed to robust heckling, that sheltered existence will provide an ideal preparation for translation to the Westminster bubble in which our Oxbridge-led political class remains wholly oblivious to the opinions of the country at large. Glasgow University Union should place a notice above its entrance: ‘Welcome to the real world.’

 7 March 2013 (article claims 9 March 2013)

NOTE: Gerald Warner has been described as: a GUU ‘[old] Boy’ who was opposed to equal membership in 1981. He wrote the centenary book for the Union (still advertised on the GUU Website) which is dedicated to ‘the 139’ who voted against equal membership.

Message from the GUU:

With regards to articles in today’s Spectator, we would like to reiterate that any views expressed are in no way those of GUU and that GUU completely condemns sexism or any other form of discrimination.

And a response…

The New Statesman

Warner misses the point – these women have advanced to the final of a national debating competition, and deserve to have their speeches heard, without interruptions from people without the intellectual capacity to get to that level. Would Warner support racist hecklers at the sidelines of the Olympics, booing Mo Farah for being black? Tell him to just toughen up, deal with it?


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  1. femlove permalink

    I’m assuming this is meant to say GUU “Old Boy”?

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