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A Message from the Principal

by on March 6, 2013

6 March 2013 Approx 16:30

Dear Student

Yesterday the University of Glasgow issued a statement to all staff making it clear that we viewed reports of misconduct at this year’s Glasgow University Union (GUU) Ancients Debating Championship with serious concern. That statement was also made available to the media.

The Senate of the University has a responsibility for student conduct issues. The Clerk of Senate yesterday instructed the Senate Assessors for Student Conduct to initiate an investigation. If University students are found to have breached our code of conduct, then appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken.

I want to reinforce this message by telling you that I was deeply distressed to hear of the reports. I view them extremely seriously and believe them to be deeply detrimental to the standing of this institution. I am writing to the two women speakers involved in the incident offering to meet them to apologise personally and on behalf of the University of Glasgow. I also welcome the statement issued by the GUU yesterday offering their unreserved apology.

As you may know, the GUU have also begun an investigation into the incidents that are alleged to have taken place and will make the findings public in due course, in accordance with their constitution. I understand the GUU intend to introduce a code of conduct for all future debates held under their auspices. I will also be seeking assurances from the GUU on their willingness to learn lessons from this episode and on what measures will be put in place to ensure that nothing of this nature ever happens again.

We take great pride in the excellence of the student experience here at Glasgow. We cannot and will not tolerate abusive, threatening or sexist behaviour.

Anton Muscatelli


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