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Boycott the GUU Event

by on March 5, 2013

Boycott the GUU Event

22nd March 2013

The GUU exists as long as we use its services. We are calling on anyone who cares about equality on our campus to not only sign the petition, but to boycott the GUU until they commit to removing the members who behaved so appallingly at the Ancients debating final 2013,and who continue to behave in a sexist manner.

By Roanna Kirsty Simpson, Polly Burn and Susannah Fitzgerald

A message from the organizers of the event was released this morning

 We really appreciate everyone’s support and ideas so far. We’re aware that a lot of the attendees would not usually use the GUU, which is why it is important that we spread this event to those who would. We have listened to what the GUU have said regarding the incident on Saturday, and we support a life ban for those who were involved on Saturday. However, this was not an isolated incident. As a student community, many of us are aware of the unfriendly attitude a minority of GUU members have towards women.

We plan to write a formal letter of complaint to both the University and the GUU as we feel the University needs to stop turning a blind eye to the behaviour of the GUU. Our letters will ask for a life time ban for those prosecuted, for all involved to be prosecuted, gender equality training as well as equity training for the GUU Board of Management, and an end to the LAMB dinner. We commend the GUU Debating Committee on the steps they have taken thus far, but we feel that more needs to be done throughout the whole union to ensure that these measures are followed up on. We want more than just a response to this isolated incident, but fundamental changes in how the GUU operates.

The GUU are holding a disciplinary hearing on the 20th of March. We think that this would be a good opportunity to hold a demonstration, along with an ongoing boycott. We could hold a meeting on Monday to organise and discuss ideas.

Any further suggestions could be discussed at this meeting also as managing this feed is quite involved. If people would like to attend this meeting, please comment below so we have an idea of numbers and we will try to arrange a location. If you have a think about any ideas of your own we would love to hear them at the meeting.

Thanks for your support so far! We already have far more attending the boycott than the GUU have attending their elections.

Look forward to hearing from you all,
The Admins


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