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Glasgow University Response to the GUU Report

Below is the response from Glasgow University to the GUU Report 2013. You can see a full copy of the report here.

University welcomes GUU report

The University of Glasgow has welcomed the publication of the independent report into allegations of misogynistic behaviour at the Glasgow University Union (GUU). The report was commissioned by the President and Board of the GUU after allegations of sexist heckling at the Ancients debating contest in March. The allegations attracted widespread, critical media coverage….

The remit for the commission was to investigate the prevalent culture within the Union, to report on evidence of discriminatory organisational behaviour and to make recommendations to effect change where required.

The report recommends the following:

A revision of the GUU Constitution
An Equality and Diversity Policy that is modern and in line with current best practice
Revision of the Complaints and Discipline Procedures
A clear statement on the unacceptability of harassment and bullying; physical, verbal or sexual; and clear guidance on behaviors that will not be tolerated in GUU.
A spokesman for the University of Glasgow said: “We welcome the independent report and the response from the GUU that they will accept and implement all of the recommendations made.

We have consistently stated that the University of Glasgow operates a zero-tolerance policy and will not accept any form of discrimination either on campus or through any of our affiliated student bodies. We look forward to working with the GUU and others to ensure that the student experience is always a positive and inclusive one.”

More information can be found at the GUU website:


Inquiry into university finds sexist culture prevalent

Inquiry into university finds sexist culture prevalent

The results of an independent investigation into lad culture at the GUU has revealed that misogyny and sexual harassment are a regular occurrence accepted as a part of GUU membership.
It has been recommended that all staff and students are provided with information, a formal complaints procedure, and a better mix of students on the board of management.
What are your views on the report and recommendations? Do you think it goes far enough? Or even too far?
“Inquiry into university finds sexist culture prevalent” in Herald by Andrew Denholm 25/11/13

LAMB Back on the Menu

The Glasgow University Union (GUU) will host the controversial LAMB (Last All Male Board) dinner on the 22nd November, despite all same-sex dinners recently subject to a ban following the sexist scandal.

It has been argued that a comparative justification for holding the dinner stems from the continuation of the all-female Harwood Ladies’ Dinner, despite the fact that Harwood celebrates the first female member of the GUU, whilst LAMB celebrates a time when only men could be members of the union.


EVENT: Open Day Take-Over

EVENT: Open Day Take-Over

Thursday 12:30pm Fraser Building, University Avenue

Students, Alumni, Prospective Students, Graduates, Graduands, and staff welcome, along with anyone who’s had enough of sexism.

On Thursday June 6th it was reported in the Herald that the men accused of sexist abuse at the Ancients Debating Championship had been cleared by the Senate. (See

It was reported that the men were told there was “no case to answer”. The women making the widely publicised allegations were not present, nor were statements from those unable to be present accepted as evidence.

It is clear this hearing was overwhelmingly biased in favour of the defendants.

But we are not letting it rest here! We are sick of institutionalised sexism, and sick of the University’s lack of committment to ending gender-based discrimination. 

On Thursday 13th, the University is hosting its open day, so that prospective students can come along and see what a wonderful institution GU is.

On Thursday 13th, we will be protesting so that prospective students can see what GU is really like, and to show the the university that if they wish to continue to attract students, they need to sort out their policies that consistently do a disservice to women.


Some men don’t like women to answer back

A good overview of the events to date.

Edinburgh Eye

Cambridge Union Society debater Rebecca Meredith had this to say about the sexist heckling she and her debating partner were subjected to at the Glasgow University Union three months ago:

During the debate, a select number of male students, including former committee members and even an ex-president, made sexual comments about our appearance, shouted “shame woman”, booed loudly and questioned “what does a woman know anyway?”. This was not mere heckling, and not related to the content of our speeches. None of the male speakers faced the same treatment. After the debate, a member of this group shouted “get that woman out of my chamber” as my partner Marlena passed.

When female students heard these comments, one confronted the male members and was told to stop being a “frigid bitch”. After the debate, a female Cambridge student rose to confront the perpetrators. The organisers of the tournament, and GUU committee…

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Senate clears Chris Sibbald and Paddy Baxter

Yesterday’s Senate hearing has ruled that there was “no case to answer to” in the conclusion of their investigations into the claims of sexist heckling at the Ancient’s Debate. Rebecca Meredith and Marlena Valles are taking action against the University, claiming the procedure was unfair.

If you are unhappy about this outcome you can help:

  • by passing on the petition at the top of the home page
  • by emailing Director of the Senate Office, Dr Jack Aitken, ( to demand that this complaint be taken seriously and that this case be reopened.
  • Share this post
  • Tweet these hashtags: #debategate #enoughisenough #sexismoffourcampus

UCU Glasgow Response

Today the UCU Glasgow held their general meeting and unanimously passed the following motion:

UCU Glasgow deplores the recent events in Glasgow University Union reported across the media and believes that there is a culture which has been allowed to persist for over 30 years. UCU Glasgow recognise due process with the possibility of serious sanction, in relation to the individuals involved. UCU Glasgow calls on university management to address the wider issues highlighted by this case and conduct a thorough equality audit of student activities which receive resources from HEIs and to take appropriate & determined action to
eliminate misogyny from our Universities.

A UCU representative said:

We note with concern that GUU have indefinitely postponed their hearing, and hope that this does not mean that the eventual outcome of any hearing will a whitewash of events.

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